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One is always looking for opportunities to improve oneself. And one always comes to the same conclusion that the only way is through hard work, concentration and continued application.  The present times demand lifelong learning to create and respond to this change. Each student from has the skill to anticipate and respond to company-wide change, be it due to technology or any other factor.

If mass production characterized the industrial revolution, individual creativity and brilliance marks the information revolution of this century. Development is no longer symbolized by imposing plants and machinery; instead knowledge is now universally recognized as the true strength of a nation. Using information technology we now have the ability to tap information sources in our environment and manipulate it for the growth and development of mankind.

We hope you will be amongst the fortunate ones who get admission to our Mega Industrial Training Institute. My best wishes for a successful career ahead !


Mr. Indra Ram Tholia



Principal’s desk

Education is an un-ending and on going process. One has to keep the mind within humanity and nature to learn.

It is our solemn duty and responsibility to ensure, that purposeful education training of a high standard is imparted to our students to equip them to complete for various careers and course of choice in years to come and cohesive administrativeFacilitieswithin available resources are made available to all for shaping up the institution towards attainment of our cherished goals.

I ensure, to the best of my ability for selfless contribution towards the noble cause of building up the institution for all round growth and development of its students. To bring up the school comparably at par with other schools of repute, calls for wholehearted dedication on the part of staff members as well as everyone associated with the school.


Mr. Indra Ram Tholia (M.O.T)