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Aims & Objective

To establish, administer, manage and run Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary Schools, Technical, Managerial and Medical Education Institutions for Boys and Girls of our country, with the objective of preparing them for various examination of the Boards, Institutions, Organizations, Industry, Bodies and Universities concerned with the ultimate object of developing educated your persons with sound physique, sound mind, sound morals, scientific temperament and national outlook for overall development of their personality by temperament educational and social institutions, Residential schools, Professional and Non-Professional colleges, hostels, hospitals, sports and other training Institutions in the state of Rajasthan and all over India.

To provide for opportunities for research works in Arts, Commerce, Science Education, Engineering, Medicine, Dental, Pharmaceutical, Technical, Managerial and Industrial areas

To work for the general and social welfare and imparting education to the people

To organize, debate and discussions, social and cultural programs for strengthening the spirit of national integration and creating national awareness

To adopt suitable and appropriate measures consistent with the aims and objectives of the Society