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about institute

Mega Industrial Training Institute, Badela, Bakalia, Ladnun, Distt. - Nagour, a Private self financed institute, established in 2013 by the Rural Education Society under the registration act 1958, by the group of professional entrepreneurs, which includes qualified Engineers with sound technical background and experience in various leading industries and academic institutions, with a view to meet present industrial and technological need of the nation and serving society through education and development.

This Institute Managed by Mr Indra Ram Tholia as Director and as Principal, Mr S.N. Chawla as Secretary.

The institute has been setup with the sole objective of imparting craftsman training to aspiring technicians offering an environment where young minds can grow to their full potential and become disciplined and skilled Technicians. The institutes is striving for reducing unemployment among educated youth as well by equipping them with suitable skills for industrial employment and satisfy the requirements of today’s hi-tech manufacturing and service industrial sectors.